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Based on 268 customer reviews from our shopper community, UFC's overall rating is 2.85 out of 5 stars and 64% of reviewers recommend this brand, which indicates that this brand is not as good as expected by most customers.


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April 10, 2023
"Worst streaming service on internet"
Streaming not working... results on internet... can't get a refund.... better to wait for hackers to publish videos on youtube
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April 09, 2023
"Horrible app. I’ve had fight pass several times…"
I’ve had fight pass several times through the years. I just cancelled again. What a shame since they have some really good content. But, after all this time they still don’t have their act together. Not an intuitive navigation experience. Authorization process for tv app continues to be glitchy. Look at your reviews. Time to stop, learn and come back once you have experience. Just awful!
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April 02, 2023
"Fight Pass is not worth it"
Fight Pass is not worth it. First of all, you can''t even watch the prelimns live. You need the dinosaur that is cable for that.
Fight Pass is an exercise in frustration!!!
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March 23, 2023
"I'll be cancelling fight pass after…"
I'll be cancelling fight pass after having a subscription for years, and I'll never purchase another ufc PPV.

Once you purchase a PPV you only have access to the main event for 24 hours! That is ridiculous! UFC don't just rip the fighters off, they also scam the fans.
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March 13, 2023
"Technical Issues"
I can’t watch more than one fight without the whole app just crashing. Very poorly made. Disappointed.
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March 12, 2023
bloated, poorly programmed, sluggish navigation. Don't pause or rewind a live viewing because once aired it cuts off, can't be viewed until listed as recent, which takes ages, so recent and live fights just vanish for an extended period, completely unlisted.
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March 08, 2023
"Pay Money to Get Nothing"
I can understand the YouTube thing.
UFC has a business model, you want to get people to pay for content.
So having them watch your content on You Tube for free means less money for your company.
Therefore, this is not beneficial to the fighters who I want to watch.
So I understand this and so I pay for it through Fight Pass except, all I get to do is watch older fights, over and over again with a level of streaming quality I might expect If I contacted Moon Base Alpha!
I really enjoy watching UFC with my son but we both work weekends which means we can't watch it live so we have to watch it later and hope like hell none of our friends or family start talking about the fights.
So I bought a subscription with the expectation that would mean we would have access to the latest fights 2 or 3 days after the fact.
It doesn't.
So, thats a little irritating but, you know, I thought that meant the bean counters and CFO's who run Fight Pass wanted me to buy the actual $70 package each time.
So, Jon Jones is listed to fight Cyril Gane.....awesome!
I pay the extra $60 but remember I work the whole weekend, I am a carer, I work with people with disabilities and our shifts include sleep overs so my weekend shift for that fight weekend started 6am Saturday morning and finished Tuesday 8am in the morning. So this means my son and I can't watch the fight till Tuesday evening when he finishes work.
So, we are all set up with Beer, Pizza and attitude.
We fire up UFC Fight Pass, now remember, I purchased the $60 package on the Sunday.
The package, even though paid for with real actual money, has an expiry date, you know, like a tub of yogurt, the difference being, I can eat the yogurt after the expiry date and it will still be good.
The UFC Fight Pass expiry date is 24 hours after the fight........finito.
I do not know how much the UFC is growing or if it has reached saturation point and this type of business model works, to a certain point.
I have cancelled my subscription and obviously will not buy any more fights. I love UFC but its very difficult to get to watch it. It appears almost, elitist, which would be weird considering where the majority of fighters have risen from.
Other than the fact UFC Fight Pass even when paid for is glitchy....super glitchy....glitchier than a 1969 live feed of the moon walk on a black and white TV.....which I watched and I can assure you, it was less glitchy than UFC Fight Pass.
So in summary, I cancelled my subscription because.
Feed is super glitchy.
I pay for something and get nothing.
Customer service does not exist, or if it does, then its as hard to find as rainbow colored Unicorn Farts.
So, I shall lull into the void of not seeing UFC, except the small bits and pieces of chicken feed that crop up on You Tube on occasion.
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March 05, 2023
"Very misleading offer"
Very misleading offer, you are convinced that you are buying ufc main card transmision but no, thats just prelims... you cant even complaint there or speak with anyone from customer service. Just scame
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January 24, 2023
Double charged my ultimate subscription in 2021 and I had to ask for my money back (fortunately I was checking my credit card bill, otherwise I won't have noticed and lost the money to this fraudsters). Charged ultimate subscription in 22 and claims payment failed, despite my credit card was charged. Pay per views frequently are not working proper.
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January 22, 2023
Used it for years, always been issues, the latest one is amongst the worst i've had. Can't turn Subtitles off on the App on an Xbox One, it turns "off" but the subtitles return(and not in time with the speech anyway), it does give me the option of about 10 different lovely fonts, unfortunately none of them are invisible..
Went into settings on the Laptop and manually turned them off, which works on the Laptop, but not on the Xbox, no matter what I try.
0/10 do better.
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January 22, 2023
"This app is the worst app I've ever had…"
This app is the worst app I've ever had the horror of being forced to deal with. You make billions, you pay fighters millions, pay someone to make an app that isn't like my cat has scratched it together in a feeble attempt at more wet food
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December 10, 2022
"Ripped me off with false advertisement.…"
Got me to subscribe by announcing the FAC17 would be shown only to pull it shortly in advance. I had a family member on that card. Took my money and then said screw the fans. UFC has just become a big joke in the last several years but now I'm definitely done. Screw UFC slimey crooks!
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December 04, 2022
"UFC Fight Pass is a SCAM!!"
I am absolutely disgusted by your fraudulent app! I've been naive enough to subscribe to UFC Fight Pass before reading all the horrific negative reviews about you!

I've been completely misled by your false advertising, promising that ALL UFC events are accessable through UFC Fight Pass when in fact - if I want to watch tonight's event, I'll have to pay for a different subscription of ESPN Plus!! (Which by the way, doesn't even work)!!!

What's even more amateurish, is the fact you guys don't even have a support chat! Which means that by the time someone will even bother reading my email and replying, it will be too late! No wonder your score on Trust pilot is 1 out of 5! 99% of the reviews are negative!

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December 01, 2022
"can only watch old low profile fights"
Just unjust, unfair and unethical. Try to watchg a high profile fight that has happened weeks ago, and you'll get a nice message saying, Error, cannot access the fight. all you can watch is old low profile fights for your monthly subscription, very slick. at least with a hulu subscription, you can still watch pretty great fights, very ironic. if this keeps happening, I'll just cancel my subscription
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November 11, 2022
"The UI for this app is the worst I have…"
The UI for this app is the worst I have EVER experienced, its difficult to navigate and its even harder to find what it is you're looking for...

So much clutter and crap on the screen with different promotions / graphics.. you can get overwhelmed and irritated just trying to find something


For clarity i am a 3 month subscriber only really signing up again when theres a deal on hoping the UI gets fixed

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